+ University of Texas at Austin

Name of Organization: PSS

Name of Officer(s): Rambod Yousefzadeh Tabasi, Helia Ghassemian, Sareh Koochaki

Description and Goal of Organization: PSS has been working for many years towards promoting the Persian culture by organizing events such as Norooz. As a student organization ran by immigrants, one of our primary goals is to make our Iranian and other immigrant students feel at home by organizing regular social gatherings.

Why Do You Want to Organize a Norooz Party? Norooz is usually celebrated with friends and family but most of us dont have family members in the US. PSS wants all the students to feel like they are back home with their friends and family and that's why we have kept the tradition of having a Norooz party for the past few years.

Proposed Date of Party: 3/17/2018

Event Venue: Clubhouse at Nalle Woods Apartments

Please Describe Your Outreach Strategy for Norooz: Our facebook page has more than 1000 members. We typically post the banner on our facebook page. Last year for the first time, we also advertised our events on UT Digiknow screens that are located on all major buildings at UT. Number of People Expected To Attend: 100

Amount Requested: $1000

Use Of Funds/Breakdown Of Budget: Norooz Decoration Norooz music band( Setar player) Norooz dinner( we typically try to cover some of this so that ticket prices would stay under $10 for students )