As a suggestion, we offer a sample Norooz Outreach Party below.

A simple format of 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on campus at least two weeks before March 20 would be great. There’s really no need to serve dinner, tea and authentic Persian cookies will suffice.

The key activities include:

a) Set up the Haft Seen

b) Share the Norooz Tradition flier

c) Make sure people attending learn something and have fun!


Potential steps

  • Form a committee

  • Contact your school’s diversity and inclusion office. You might also contact the department working with international students

  • Find out if your school provides funding the promotion of Persian culture, matching funds or any other type of assistance for promoting your event

  • Book a venue on campus

  • Build the Facebook page and begin inviting people outside of the Persian community; ask your colleagues to invite those they know

  • Invite:  Head of diversity and inclusion department, University President, Provost, head of major schools like medicine, law, humanities, engineering, nursing, etc.

  • Build mailing list, send invite through Eventbrite, set ticket price at $0

  • Prepare the Haft Seen and display in a public place like bookstore or main library for at least one week for the largest number of people to see, then move to the venue on the day of the party

  • Invite a Persian musician or ask someone to be in charge of playing music

  • Print Norooz Write Up from this site

  • Organize tea service and locate and purchase cookies

  • Market event on campus, send reminders on Eventbrite

  • Host the party

  • Have fun

  • Post photos on your student group's social media sites and this site

If you have any more questions please contact us at