Start Promoting

Besides hosting a Norooz Challenge Party on your campus, here are some ideas for promoting Norooz in general:

There are Norooz parties at schools, community centers, museums and homes around you.  Invite friends from the broader community to accompany you to these events, and use information on this site to share and enjoy our traditions. Who wouldn’t enjoy jumping over bonfires or enjoying a picnic for Sizdeh Bedar?!

Make a Persian dish, like zereshk polo, or buy some Persian sweets like naan nokhodchi, and take to your neighbor. Tahdig is universally loved!

Give fresh one-dollar bills as eidy to younger kids in your community.

Have fellow students, roommates, professors, neighbors and coworkers take the Norooz Challenge where you teach someone how to say Norooz Pirooz, get them to say it on Facebook Live, and publish it to your friends

Post about Norooz on social media: favorite traditions, photos, videos, foods, haft seen…

Volunteer in the name of Norooz. You can do this individually or organize a group to volunteer at a nonprofit near you. There are lots of opportunities for tutoring, organizing pantries, serving food, entertaining, cleaning shelters and giving blood.

Contribute a book about Norooz to your school or local library.

Email us at or use #noroozoutreach to share your ideas with us.